Hi. I’m Emily!

about me

Thanks for stopping by. I’m assuming you’d like to know a little more about me… So, here goes!

My husband Jason and I relocated to Houston from Ohio in 2008. We created a wonderful life for ourselves in Texas, creating a “family” out of the close friendships we made there. After a lot of thought we decided in June of 2014, we moved BACK to Ohio. It wasn’t any easy decision, but the one we feel was right for our family. Having three young children and no family around to help out was becoming a challenge. We also wanted our little ones to grow up around their grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, so we packed up our house, kids, cat and dog, and headed back home.

about me

Our first son, Aidan, was born in February of 2010. He is an energetic little spitfire, constantly testing his boundaries and getting into whatever mischief he can conjure up. But, he is also a wonderful big brother, giver of giant hugs and a lover of all animals, great and small.

about me

In September of 2011, God blessed us with a second, beautiful, healthy baby boy, Connor. He’s a troublemaker himself and loves spending time with his big brother, monster trucks, playing dress up and charming others with his beautiful smile. He’s also a bit of a cheeseball and loves to make little jokes. 🙂

June of 2012 saw Jason and I finally tying the knot. We celebrated with close family and friends at lakeside resort in Ohio. Our day was magical and neither one of us could have asked for a more perfect experience.

And, in April of 2014, this beautiful spot of sunshine entered our lives. Sweet Hayley is the apple of her daddy’s eye and fills our lives with giggles, smiles and one of the cheeriest dispositions you could ever find in a baby. She loves her big brothers, crawling after the cat and getting into mischief.

I like: being a mother, dogs, sunshine, tan lines, the sound of my children laughing, Claussen pickles, the color yellow, getting lost in a book, being at the beach, the smell of Autumn, going on hikes, NFL football and Reef sandals.

I do not like: brussels sprouts, brass fixtures, poopy diapers, poison ivy, or noisy neighbors.

This blog is a mixture motherhood, DIY, crafts, recipes and this crazy adventure called life. I’ll also post items for sale in my Etsy shop from time to time for y’all to check out, too! I’d love it if you joined me for the ride!

Welcome to 8th Street Bridge! 🙂


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    Hi, I'm Emily. Proud wife and stay-at-home-mama to my two little men and one sweet baby girl. Etsy shop owner, amateur sewer, crafter, chef, and home decorator. Target and Pinterest junkie. Lover of animals, DIY projects, books, blogs, rocky road ice cream, movies and a good deal. Life is beautiful!