DIY: Make Your Own Silicone Apple Watch Band at Home

With the growing popularity of smart watches, it is essential to choose a watch band that is both functional and stylish. Silicone Apple Watch bands are an ideal choice for those who want their digital companion to remain stylishly attuned with any outfit. These bands come in an array of colors and designs, perfect for matching with any occasion. Plus, the silicone material is comfortable, easy to clean, and offers the flexibility to adjust sizes for all wrist sizes. For anyone looking for a practical yet fashionable piece of technology accessory, silicone Apple watch bands provide an unbeatable combination.

Make Your Own Silicone Apple Watch Band

How To Make Your Own Silicone Apple Watch Band at Home

Making your own silicone Apple Watch band is a great way to customize and personalize your watch. Whether you’re looking for something more colorful, sparkly, or just plain cool, making your own band can be done relatively quickly and easily with some basic tools and materials.

To begin, you will need to acquire the necessary supplies. You will need:

• Apple Watch connectors

• Disposable gloves

• Mixing cup

• Mixing stick

• Silicone material

• Silicone mold kit

Step 1: Choose a silicone mold kit

You can get your hands on a wide variety of silicone mold kits, but the one you end up picking should be comparable in size and contour to the band that comes with an Apple Watch. You can get these kits at most stores that sell crafts, as well as online.

Step 2: Mix the silicone material

When it comes to mixing the silicone material, make sure to follow the instructions that were provided with your silicone mold kit. Always make sure to protect your skin by using disposable gloves when working with the material.

Step 3: Pour the silicone material into the mold

Pour the silicone substance that has been mixed carefully into the mold, making sure that it fills the mold entirely.

Step 4: Insert the Apple Watch connectors

Insert the Apple Watch connectors into the mold while the silicone material is still wet from being melted. These connections are available in stores that specialize in electronics as well as on the internet. Check that the connectors are evenly spaced out and that they are centered in the mold.

Step 5: Let the silicone material cure

Give the silicone material enough time to dry so that it may be used in accordance with the instructions that came with your mold kit. This takes a few hours, but the time it takes could be significantly longer depending on the kit that you are using.

Step 6: Remove the silicone band from the mold

When the silicone material has completely hardened, remove the band from the mold in a gentle manner.

Step 7: Trim the excess silicone

Make use of a pair of scissors to remove any surplus silicone material from the band’s edges.

Step 8: Attach the band to your Apple Watch

To install your new silicone band, you will first need to insert the connections into your Apple Watch.


In order to protect the valuable Apple watch, we must invest in the best protection possible: silicone apple watch bands. Not only do these bands add an extra layer of protection, but they come in a variety of sizes and colors for you customize your watch according to your own preference and style. Plus, silicone watch bands won’t chip or scratch like traditional metal bands, so you can really make sure it’s well taken care of. Investing in a durable silicone apple watch band is not only necessary in protecting your device, it will also ensure that you have an attractive item that you can use comfortably throughout the day.

A Guide to Creating Your Own Unique Apple Watch Band

It’s easy to find a high-quality band for your Apple Watch. However, some of the greatest aren’t compatible with Apple Watch, and others are overpriced since they are promoted as being made only for Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch isn’t compatible with traditional watch bands because of the lugs, although watches and watch bands have been around long before the Apple Watch. With a few lugs and a premade band, customizing the Most Unique Apple Watch Band 2022 is a breeze. This article will detail everything you’ll require and the assembly procedure.

Creating Your Own Unique Apple Watch Band

The Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Own Custom Apple Watch Band

You can make an Apple Watch Band from various materials, and it can be used with any model in the Apple Watch lineup. Below, you’ll find the instructions to carry out this process effectively.

Step 1

A piece of fabric, a sewing machine, scissors, and elastic would all be useful. These are the most ubiquitous materials used to create Apple Watch Bands.

Step 2

Use the scissors to snip the fabric to the right size for your wrist. The material for the watch band and the retainer both need to be trimmed. You should cut the cloth to seven inches and the elastic to six for maximum security. The Apple Watch Band will provide exceptional wrist security when worn in this manner.

Step 3

Stitch the fabric strip you cut earlier onto the band section to make the retainer. The retainer must be fastened at both ends to create a closed loop. This loop is a connection point for the watch and the spring bars.

If you want to prevent the raw edges of the material used to construct your Apple Watch Band from showing, fold them inside. That will allow the elastic to pass through the tunnel created by the band’s two sides sewn together.

Step 4

Sew each end of the elastic strip together at the point where they meet. This would be simpler to sew by hand than on a sewing machine.

Step 5

Now that you’ve finished making your Apple Watch Band, you can use it with any model of Apple Watch. Put the spring bar’s end pieces into the watch’s openings after the retainer fabric conceals the spring bars. The spring-loaded bars are a nice touch, letting you release them with the touch of a finger whenever you need to.

Step 6

Your home is now equipped to produce additional Apple Watch Bands. You’ll always have the option of using a different band for your watch. It’s awesome that you can customize your Apple Watch Band with various materials and styles.

In Conclusion

Using the process mentioned above, you can use various materials to create unique Apple Watch Bands. Apple Watch Bands are compatible with all Apple Watch Series models, so you may express your individuality while showing off your wristwear. You have various options, including nylon, beads, leather, chains, and silver. What’s great about designing your own Apple Watch Band is that you can personalize it exactly as you like. Making your own Apple Watch Band at home is quite convenient and entertaining.


Last week the cold snap that has consumed Northeast Ohio finally snapped! Temperatures were in the forties and on Friday the thermometer even jumped above 50 for a few hours! It is amazing. The birds are singing their joy, the snow is melting into a million little puddles and the sun is shining in all of her beautiful Springtime glory. So, to celebrate the end of this eternal winter, I decided a new wreath for the front door was in order!


I have seen tulip wreaths popping up all over Etsy, so that’s what I decided to make. This wreath was SO easy to create. Seriously, it took me about half an hour.

To get started you’ll need:
A grapevine wreath (mine was 18 inches)
Bunches of mini tulips (found mine at Michaels)
Hot Glue Gun
Burlap Ribbon (optional)


I chose a variety of colors for my tulips: 2 yellow bunches, 1 white bunch, 1 purple bunch and 2 different colored pink bunches. I love how customizable this wreath is! You can make it any color you’d like. 🙂


Start by cutting the tulips off of the bunches, leaving the stems long. Then simply start placing them around the wreath, spacing them out as needed so that there’s a bit of a flow to the design. Next, simply tuck your tulips into the wreath. Feel free to add a big of hot glue to the stems to ensure they stay snugly in place. Then just keep adding tulip stems until the wreath is full. I left a blank spot so that I could add a burlap ribbon to my wreath, but that’s not necessary. (Also, grapevine wreaths are MESSY, so I advise doing this project at a larger table, so that you don’t make a mess on the floor.)


Hang your lovely creation on the door and welcome in Spring! Can you see the snow in this picture? It’s not even fazing me.. because I know it’s FINALLY going away! Huzzah!


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Happy Spring, my friends!


About 2 1/2 weeks ago I signed up for Weight Watchers. Again.


My first go-round (when Connor was a few months old), was fairly successful. I lost 20 pounds in about 4 weeks, felt great and looked great. And then I gained it all back right after our wedding last June. *sigh*

Now, here I am again. At the same start weight I was at in January of 2012. Somehow this seems to be the weight I get stuck at. The only time I’ve weighed more than this was when I was 9 months pregnant with my boys. So, atleast I don’t weigh more than that! I might cry.

Losing weight is hard. Especially when you have two little kids. I find it’s hard for me to eat at regular intervals throughout the day. I rarely have breakfast and I’ll eat lunch at 3 o’clock most days. But, after they go to bed, I pig out. Suddenly my body is telling me that I’m starving since I’ve deprived it of food all day. So I eat. At 8 o’clock at night. And I really shouldn’t be eating. Especially that late.

So, this time around I’m really focusing on myself. I’ve been able to work out 3-4 times a week at the YMCA and I’ve been trying hard to eat regularly throughout the day, cutting myself off around 7 o’clock.

It’s worked like a charm so far! I’ve lost 5 pounds in just over 2 1/2 weeks. Yay me!

One of my favorite things about Weight Watchers is the fact that it’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. I’m trying desperately to embrace it and to make smart, healthy choices. I love trying out new recipes that are healthy for myself and my family.

Recently I stumbled upon this awesome site- Simply Weight Watchers Recipes. It’s a gold mine full of recipes that are simple to make and taste delicious!

One of my favorites from the site is the Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie. At only 2 points per serving, it’s an awesome after workout drink, a quick breakfast on busy mornings or a delicious midday snack.

You’ll need:

1 whole banana
1 cup almond milk
1 cup ice
2 Tbs PB2 powder (I ordered this on Amazon)
6 Tbs Lite Cool Whip

Directions: Add all ingredients to blender. Mix well. Enjoy!

How easy is that??? This actually makes two smoothies, but sometimes I drink the whole thing. Which adds up to 5 points. Not too shabby.


I’m excited to be on my way to a healthier me. 🙂

Have a great weekend, friends. And happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mommas out there!


Today I’m over at Huckleberry Love sharing how to make this beautiful and colorful piece of pallet art, just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day. 🙂


Please stop on by and check it out. If you liked my Spring pallet art, you’re sure to love this one, too! 🙂



After hanging up my simple, doily garland on our mantel, I felt like the area above it was looking extremely bare. There were quite a few of the heart doilies leftover, so I through around a few ideas in my head. Here’s what I came up with! 🙂


I kind of made this up as I went, so bear with me! Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

*Picture Frame
*Staple Gun
*Silhouette, stencils or other crafty cutter
*Cardboard (I used an old cereal box)
*washi tape
*mod podge
*sponge brush
*heart doilies
*mini clothespins

I started off by cutting out a phrase on my Silhouette. I chose “Be Mine”. After it had been cut, I traced them onto the sides of a cereal box. The letters on the cardstock were just too fragile for what I had in mind with them. After tracing, I cut the letters out of the cereal box.


I’ve had this frame for awhile now and use it as decor for many miscellaneous projects around my house. It’s last use was for our Christmas Advent Calendar that I shared over on Huckleberry Love.


I removed the old twine, as there were four pieces and I only needed two. I used a staple gun to hold the new twine in place and simply tied a knot with the twine around the staple to hold it in place .


Now, it’s washi tape time! I am obsessed with this stuff. I’m constantly scoping it out at local craft stores (I’m SO excited that Michael’s finally carries it!) and on Amazon. Decorate your letters with washi tape. I alternated between 7 varieties for a colorful and bright look. 🙂


After your letters are covered in the tape, it’s time to adhere them to your doilies. I covered the back of each letter with a light coat of mod podge and pressed it onto a doily. Be sure to dab the back of a doily with a paper towel, as the excess mod podge will squeeze through its small holes.


Now it’s time to hang your letters on your frame! I used mini clothespins that I had from the Advent Calendar. I found them at JoAnn’s. But, I’m sure regular sized ones would work just fine. Use whatever you have. 🙂


I felt like my sign was missing something, so I added this little guy. Jason bought him for me at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. He is actually a Christmas ornament that is supposed to clip onto a tree branch. I loved him so much that I decided to keep him out year round. Isn’t he the cutest?




And there you have it! A fun, colorful and easy project to brighten up your Valentine’s Day décor.

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I can’t wait to share the rest of my mantel with you all! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


While cruisin’ my local Goodwill store for colorful, mismatched clothes that would complete my “clown-look” for Halloween, I stumbled upon this chair.


Normally I’m a bit hesitant to take home furniture, mostly because our house is small (I’m talking 1500sq feet and NO basement- blast you high flood table!) and I never have anywhere to put said furniture. But, I had to take this guy home. He was only $15… and I knew that someone else would snag him if I didn’t.


Sure enough, a lady checking out behind me noticed the chair, commented on how nice it was and asked if there was another! Nothing seals the deal more than having somebody else jealous of your great, thrifted find! 🙂

I love his clean lines and light wood color. I couldn’t find markings on it anywhere, so not sure when or where it was made. But that fabric on the seat? Well, it had to go!


At JoAnn I found the perfect outdoor fabric, made by Waverly. And it was 50% off. I came home with a yard for only $9.99.


To reupholster a chair yourself, you’ll need:
* Vinegar/water solution
* Fabric (I only needed 1/2 a yard to cover this seat)
* Scissors
* Staple gun
* Wood glue
* Clamps

First I wiped down the chair with a vinegar and water solution. Then I set it outside to dry off. While the chair was drying, I popped inside and ironed my fabric. I wouldn’t skip this step…. you really don’t want wrinkled fabric on your chair. Trust me.

Next I pried off the seat cushion with a screwdriver. The seat is held on by four screws and basically popped off when I ran the screwdriver underneath the seat.

Then I cut my fabric down to 1/2 a yard and laid the cushion on top. Since this was thicker fabric, I didn’t have to remove the existing fabric on the seat. It’s also still very cushy, so I didn’t have to add any extra foam. That definitely saved me some work and time on this project. 🙂

Here’s how I folded the fabric to get my corners nice and neat. The pictures are pretty self-explanatory.


Then I started stapling… Be sure to pull the fabric tight. And remember, more is good when you’re stapling!


I decided it would be best to glue the seat back on, rather than fiddle with the nails. I used Elmer’s wood glue and generously applied it to the top of the seat frame.


After setting the seat back on the chair, I simply clamped all four sides down to make sure it was on there nice and tight. I kept the clamps on for a few hours to ensure that the seat was secure.


And, here’s my finished product! The chair perfectly matches our bedroom color scheme. It fits nicely in this little corner… I’m envisioning reading my Coastal Living and Southern Living magazines with my feet propped up on a little stool (that I have yet to find) while the boys nap.


A Mama can dream, right?


And a few more shots of my new favorite piece of furniture. 🙂


Have you found any great thrift store finds lately? Ever reupholstered a chair? How’d it turn out?

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