About 2 1/2 weeks ago I signed up for Weight Watchers. Again.


My first go-round (when Connor was a few months old), was fairly successful. I lost 20 pounds in about 4 weeks, felt great and looked great. And then I gained it all back right after our wedding last June. *sigh*

Now, here I am again. At the same start weight I was at in January of 2012. Somehow this seems to be the weight I get stuck at. The only time I’ve weighed more than this was when I was 9 months pregnant with my boys. So, atleast I don’t weigh more than that! I might cry.

Losing weight is hard. Especially when you have two little kids. I find it’s hard for me to eat at regular intervals throughout the day. I rarely have breakfast and I’ll eat lunch at 3 o’clock most days. But, after they go to bed, I pig out. Suddenly my body is telling me that I’m starving since I’ve deprived it of food all day. So I eat. At 8 o’clock at night. And I really shouldn’t be eating. Especially that late.

So, this time around I’m really focusing on myself. I’ve been able to work out 3-4 times a week at the YMCA and I’ve been trying hard to eat regularly throughout the day, cutting myself off around 7 o’clock.

It’s worked like a charm so far! I’ve lost 5 pounds in just over 2 1/2 weeks. Yay me!

One of my favorite things about Weight Watchers is the fact that it’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. I’m trying desperately to embrace it and to make smart, healthy choices. I love trying out new recipes that are healthy for myself and my family.

Recently I stumbled upon this awesome site- Simply Weight Watchers Recipes. It’s a gold mine full of recipes that are simple to make and taste delicious!

One of my favorites from the site is the Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie. At only 2 points per serving, it’s an awesome after workout drink, a quick breakfast on busy mornings or a delicious midday snack.

You’ll need:

1 whole banana
1 cup almond milk
1 cup ice
2 Tbs PB2 powder (I ordered this on Amazon)
6 Tbs Lite Cool Whip

Directions: Add all ingredients to blender. Mix well. Enjoy!

How easy is that??? This actually makes two smoothies, but sometimes I drink the whole thing. Which adds up to 5 points. Not too shabby.


I’m excited to be on my way to a healthier me. 🙂

Have a great weekend, friends. And happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mommas out there!